Information for the Authors of the INTER Meeting

The papers of this meeting will be available for the participants on the server of our institute(papers). To prepare the papers for this we need a PDF file of the paper via E-mail (Rainer Goerlacher does-not-exist.partner kit edu).

Finalized papers must have arrived in Karlsruhe before 23 July 2023 .

Papers arriving too late will not be accepted.

Please inform us immediately if you are not able to finalize your paper in time.

Guidelines for the abstracts

There are no guidelines (template) for the format of the abstracts (maximum two pages). If you want to use the template for the papers you can reduce the font sizes and the line spacings.

Guidelines for the papers

In 2015 the format of the proceedings has changed. The intention is that the proceedings can be read on the computer screen easily. This can be achieved by having two pages on the screen. So the standard font size has to be changed to 14pt and the font type will be Calibri. The page size will remain A4.

Please limit your paper to a maximum of 14 pages. Papers with more than 18 pages will not be accepted

The proceedings will be printed in A5 (instead of A4).

Template for INTER papers (Word)

For those of you who prefer LaTeX, Cristóbal Tapia from MPA Stuttgart has provided a template

Template for INTER papers (LaTeX)

Please follow the template as close as possible.

Guidelines for the presentation

In order to achieve a good meeting and to enable fruitful discussions the speakers are kindly asked:

  • to keep the presentation within the time constraints (max 20 min)
  • to keep in mind that everybody has had the possibility to read the paper in advance. Discuss only major points in detail if necessary.
  • to prepare powerpoint sheets which are clear and can be read by everybody (sufficient font size, clear diagrams).