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During our meeting we will have a session called “Notes.” It should be possible to present 8 to 10 notes within this session, so a time limit of 10 minutes is essential. It is intended that these notes will be included in the proceedings so that they should not exceed three pages in length. Please send your note (Email) at least two weeks before the meeting and they will also be available for download.



Timber Columns

57 - 2 - 1       Lateral Torsional Buckling of Glulam Beam-Columns: Axial Compression and Bending Verification - J Töpler, U Kuhlmann


Stress Grading

57 - 5 - 1          Derivation of Visual Grading Assignments for Turkish Red Pine and Scots Pine Graded in Accordance with Turkish Standard TS 1265- 2012 - F Kurul, M Özdemir, T Yılmaz, M Arslan, S Ermiş, T Dündar


Stresses for Solid Timber

57 - 6 - 1            Compressive Strength and Stiffness Values for Softwood Foundation Piles - G Pagella, G Ravenshorst, M Mirra, J-W van de Kuilen


Timber Joints and Fasteners

57 - 7 - 1            Fatigue Behaviour of in Tension Axially-Loaded Self-Tapping Screws - R Brandner

57 - 7 - 3            On Stiffness and Strength of Glued-in Rods and Threaded Rods Parallel to the Grain - C Binck, A Frangi

57 - 7 - 4            Embedment Strength of Glued-in Rods and Dowels Oriented Parallel to Grain - K Simon, S Aicher

57 - 7 - 5            A Proposal for the Stiffness of Steel-Timber Dowel-Type Connections - U Kuhlmann, L Buchholz, J Gauß

57 - 7 - 6            Design Proposal for the Final Slip Modulus of Dowel-Type Timber
Connections Based on the Beam-on-Foundation (BoF) Approach - R Lemaître, M Schweigler, E Binder, E Sauvignet, J-F Bocquet

57 - 7 - 7            Parametrization of the Non-Linear Behaviour of Timber Joints with Self-Tapping Screws - D Caprio, R Jockwer, A Ringhofer

57 - 7 - 8            The Effective Timber Thickness for Brittle Failure Assessment of Dowel-Type Connections - C D Aquino, J M Branco, M Schweigler, T K Bader, R Lemaître, J-F Bocquet L Rodrigues

57 - 7 - 9            Consideration of Brittle Failure Modes of Connections with Dowel-Type Fasteners Loaded Parallel to the Grain: A Comparison Between Eurocode 5 and CSA O86 - J M Cabrero, T Tannert, A Salenikovich, Y H Chui

57 - 7 - 10          Design Brittle Failure Capacities of Connections with Dowel-Type
Fasteners Laterally Loaded Parallel to Grain and Reinforced - R Lemaître, J-F Bocquet, D Lathuillière

57 - 7 - 11          Reinforcements for Compression Perpendicular to Grain of CLT Elements with Fully Threaded Screws: Experimental Validation of the Design Model- R Maderebner, L Rathiens, T Stieb,  R Tomasi


Laminated Members

57 - 12 - 1          Punching-Shear Resistance of Point-Supported CLT Panels - H Ganjali, T Tannert, Md Shahnewaz, C Dickof, M Popovski

57 - 12 - 2          Comparison of Calculation Methods for Application on Veneer-Reinforced Timber with Standard Lamella - N Kainz, P Aondio, M Danzer, S Winter

57 - 12 - 3         Strength and Stiffness of Adhesively Bonded Timber-Steel Composite Beams - S Aurand, P Haase, J Boretzki, P Dietsch, T Ummenhofer


Structural Stability

57 - 15 - 1          OSB Sheathed Timber-Framed Shear Walls with Optimized Performance for Horizontal Loading - N Manser, R Steiger, M Geiser, A Frangi

57 - 15 - 2          Proposal for an Analytical Model of Light Timber-Framed Shear Walls with additional Cladding - L Rauber, B Hoffmeister

57 - 15 - 3          Seismic Performance of Braced Timber Frames - M Popovski, Z Chen

57 - 15 - 4          Investigation on the Performance of Platform-Type Coupled-Panel CLT Shear Walls under Seismic Conditions - J Chen, F Lam, M Li, M Popovski

57 - 15 - 5          A Proposal for Determining the In-Plane Rigid Diaphragm Conditions of Cross Laminated Timber Floors Under Seismic Loads - D Casagrande, V Nicolussi, P Rigo, G D’Arenzo, L Pozza, A Polastri

57 - 15 - 6          Design Implications for Cross-Laminated Timber Shear Walls Connected to Perpendicular Walls - G D’Arenzo, E M Ruggeri, J Hummel, M Fossetti, W Seim



57 - 16 - 1          Structural Means for Fire-Safe Green Façade Design on Multi-Storey Buildings - T Engel, S Winter


Fracture Mechanics

57 - 19 - 1          Tenons and Notches of Spruce and Azobé - G Ravenshorst, J-W van de Kuilen, A Kovryga



57 - 20 - 1          Numerical Simulation of Timber Floors Vibration Response Based on Deterministic and Probabilistic Approaches - M Felicita, R Roijakkers, R Cojocaru, G Ravenshorst