Meeting 2024

Personal Meeting

The 11th meeting of INTER will be held in Padova, Italy  from

Sunday 25 August to Thursday 29 August 2024 


Dear INTER-Participants,
We extend a warm welcome to the 11th INTER - International Network on Timber Engineering Research meeting. It is our pleasure to have you join us for this esteemed gathering. The annual meeting serves as a platform for the presentation and insightful discussion of cutting-edge research findings in timber engineering, as well as the formulation of application guidelines for timber design codes and standards.
In addition to the enriching scientific discussions, we invite you to immerse yourself in the charm of Padova's historic city. Amidst its splendid monuments, you'll discover the timeless beauty of the ancient University building and have the opportunity to embark on a picturesque boat excursion along the scenic Brenta river and visit some of the most breathtaking Venetian villas.

We look forward to your participation and to fostering fruitful collaborations at this event.

Warm regards,
The Organizing Committee:
• Roberto Scotta – University of Padova
• Daniele Casagrande – University of Trento
• Luca Marchi – University of Padova
• Michele Mirra – Delft University of Technology
• Giorgio Pagella – Delft University of Technology
• Andrea Polastri – CNR-IBE Trento
• Luca Pozza – University of Bologna