List of INTER Abstracts 2024

The acceptance of abstracts will be administered by a review team chosen from the whole group of INTER members. In order to find a review team, the procedure will be as follows:

- The titles of all abstracts are now published on our homepage (see below)
- INTER members may apply for the review team by sending an e-mail to Rainer Goerlacher does-not-exist.partner kit edu

They should indicate which abstracts (part 1 or 2) they want to review. It is important that reviewers have a broad knowledge covering these topics proven by a number of own papers within these parts.

- The chairman appoints the reviewers and they will receive a password for downloading the abstracts. Please note that the review should be performed within two weeks.

Abstracts Part 1 (for reviewers only, password required)

Abstracts Part 2 (for reviewers only, password required)

Scoring sheet (Excel) for the reviewers

Part 1

Timber Columns

2 - 1 Lateral Torsional Buckling of Glulam Beam-Columns: Axial Compression and Bending Verification - J Töpler, U Kuhlmann

Stress Grading

5 - 1 Derivation of Visual Grading Assignments for Turkish Red Pine and Scots Pine Graded in Accordance with Turkish Standard TS 1265- 2012 - F Kurul, M Özdemir, T Yılmaz, M Arslan, S Ermiş, T Dündar

Stresses for Solid Timber

6 - 1 Design of Notched Beams in Building Practice - Need for Amendment and Corrigenda in EC5 - G Hochreiner, J Kunecky

6 - 2 Compressive Strength and Stiffness Values for Softwood Foundation Piles - G Pagella, G Ravenshorst, M Mirra, J-W van de Kuilen

Timber Joints and Fasteners

7 - 1 A Proposal for the Stiffness of Steel-Timber Dowel-Type Connections - U Kuhlmann, L Buchholz, J Gauß

7 - 2 Parametrization of the Non-Linear Behaviour of Timber Joints with Self-Tapping Screws - D Caprio, R Jockwer, A Ringhofer

7 - 3 Development of a Simplified Equation for the Withdrawal Capacity of Ring Shank Nails and Coatings - A Ceylan, Z C Girgin

7 - 4 A Novel Approach to Describe the Force - Displacement Behavior of Axially Loaded Fasteners Based on Continuum Mechanics - D Glasner, A Ringhofer, G Schickhofer

7 - 5 Embedment Strength of Glued-in Rods and Dowels Oriented Parallel to Grain - K Simon, S Aicher

7 - 6 Design Proposal for the Final Slip Modulus of Dowel-Type Timber Connections Based on the Beam-on-Foundation (BoF) Approach - R Lemaître, M Schweigler, E Binder, E Sauvignet, J-F Bocquet

7 - 7 Reinforcements for Compression Perpendicular to Grain of CLT Elements with Fully Threaded Screws: Experimental Validation of the Design Model- R Maderebner, L Rathiens, T Stieb, R Tomasi

7 - 8 Fatigue Behavior of in Tension Axially-Loaded Self-Tapping Screws - R Brandner

7 - 9 Consideration of Brittle Failure Modes of Connections with Dowel-Type Fasteners Loaded Parallel to the Grain: a Comparison Between Eurocode 5 and CSA O86 - J M Cabrero, T Tannert, A Salenikovich, Y H Chui

7 - 10 Comparison of Cyclic Loading Protocols and Cyclic Bending Performances of Self-Tapping Screws - K Kobayashi, K Ogawa, Y Chiba

7 - 11 On Stiffness and Strength of Glued-in Rods and Threaded Rods Parallel to the Grain - C Binck, A Frangi

7 - 12 Dowel Embedment Behavior for Emerging Wood Products - T Yin, Z Wang, T Reynolds

7 - 13 Design Brittle Failure Capacities of Connections with Dowel-Type Fasteners Laterally Loaded Parallel to Grain and Reinforced - R Lemaître, J-F Bocquet, D Lathuillière

7 - 14 The Effective Timber Thickness for Brittle Failure Assessment of Dowel-Type Connections - C D Aquino, J M Branco, M Schweigler, T K Bader, R Lemaître, J-F Bocquet L Rodrigues

Duration of Loads

9 - 1 On the Time-Dependent Deformation and Damage in Members Subjected to Compression Perpendicular to the Grain - R Maderebner, A Dummer, M Erlacher

Timber Beams

10 - 1 An Alternative and Ecologic Suggestion for Timber-Concrete-Composite Slabs - Z C Girgin

Part 2

Laminated Members

12 - 1Comparison of Calculation Methods for Application on Veneer-Reinforced Timber with Standard Lamella - N Kainz, P Aondio, M Danzer, S Winter

12 - 2 Punching-Shear Resistance of Point-Supported CLT Panels - H Ganjali, T Tannert, Md Shahnewaz, C Dickof, M Popovski

12 - 3 Strength and Stiffness of Adhesively Bonded Timber-Steel Composite Beams - S Aurand, P Haase, J Boretzki, P Dietsch

Structural Stability

15 - 1 Investigation on the Performance of Platform-Type Coupled-Panel CLT Shear Walls under Seismic Conditions - J Chen, F Lam, M Li, M Popovski

15 - 2 Bracing of Members - a Renewed Approach of Bracing Rules for Members - C Lecomte

15 - 3 OSB Sheathed Timber-Framed Shear Walls with Optimized Performance for Horizontal Loading - N Manser, R Steiger, M Geiser, A Frangi

15 - 4 Seismic Performance of Braced Timber Frames - M Popovski, Z Chen

15 - 5 Full Scale Lateral Torsional Buckling Tests on LVL Portal Frames - C Lecomte[PD1]

15 - 6 Design Implications for Cross-Laminated Timber Shear Walls Connected to Perpendicular Walls - G D'Arenzo, E M Ruggeri, J Hummel, M Fossetti, W Seim

15 - 7 Experimental Performance of a Full-Scale Mass Timber Structure with Low Damage Seismic Technologies - S Agarwal, S Assadi, A Hashemi, P Quenneville

15 - 8 Proposal for an Analytical Model of Light Timber-Framed Shear Walls with additional Cladding - L Rauber, B Hoffmeister

15 - 9 Exact Solutions for Multi-Storey Segmented CLT Walls - A Smith, D Casagrande, R Tomasi

15 - 10 A Proposal for Determining the In-Plane Rigid Diaphragm Conditions of Cross Laminated Timber Floors Under Seismic Loads - D Casagrande, V Nicolussi, P Rigo, G D'Arenzo, L Pozza, A Polastri


16 - 1 Fire Performance of Hollow Glue Laminated Timber Elements - N Perković, V Rajčić, J Barbalić

16 - 2 Structural Means for Fire-Safe Green Façade Design on Multi-Storey Buildings - T Engel, S Winter

Fracture Mechanics

19 - 1 Tenons and Notches of Spruce and Azobé - G Ravenshorst, J-W van de Kuilen, A Kovryga


20 - 1 Numerical Simulation of Timber Floors Vibration Response Based on Deterministic and Probabilistic Approaches - M Felicita, R Roijakkers, R Cojocaru, G Ravenshorst

Structural Design Codes

102 - 1 Seismic Design of Timber Buildings in New Zealand: The new NZS AS 1720.1 - T Smith, D Moroder

102 - 2 Technical and Non-Technical Challenges with Timber Building Regulation Development in Turkiye - A Türer, B Erdil, M S Ökten, E Akpınar, R İzol, E K Demirkıran

102 - 3 Assessment and Retrofitting of the Timber Existing Structures - V Rajčić