List of INTER Abstracts 2023

The acceptance of abstracts will be administered by a review team chosen from the whole group of INTER members. In order to find a review team, the procedure will be as follows:

•    The titles of all  abstracts are now published on our homepage (see below)
•    INTER members may apply for the review team by sending an E-mail to Rainer Goerlacher does-not-exist.partner kit edu

They should indicate which abstracts (part 1 or 2) they want to review. It is important that reviewers have a broad knowledge covering these topics proven by a number of own papers within these parts.

•    The chairman appoints the reviewers and they will receive a password for downloading the abstracts. Please note that the review should be performed within two weeks.

Abstracts Part 1 (for reviewers only, password required)

Abstracts Part 2 (for reviewers only, password required)

Scoring sheet (Excel) for the reviewers


Part 1

Timber Columns

2 - 1                 Comparison of CLT Buckling Strength Criteria with Experimental Results - A Narcy, D T Pham, G Forêt, A Lebée

Stresses for Solid Timber

6 - 1                 Material Properties of Medium and Dense (Tropical) Hardwoods - G Ravenshorst, J-W van de Kuilen, A Kovriga


Timber Joints and Fasteners

7 - 1                    Withdrawal Properties of Self‐Tapping Screws - C Sandhaas, H Blass

7 - 2                    Low-cycle Fatigue of Self-Tapping Screws - S Schwendner, D Kattenbach, W Seim

7 - 3                    Overstrength of CLT-to-CLT Connections with Inclined Screws - A Aloisio, D P Pasca, Y De Santis , R Tomasi, M Fragiacomo

7 - 4                    Capacity Model of Inclined Screw Connections with Interlayer - Y De Santis, A Aloisio, I Gavrić , I Šušteršič, M Fragiacomo

7 - 5                    Design Codes for CLT Steel Plate Inserted Drift Pinned Joints - S Nakashima Y Araki, T Tsuji, H Isoda

7 - 6                    Adhesive-Bonded Timber-Concrete Composites: Specific Design Aspects - P Grönquist, K Müller, J Frohnmüller

7 - 7                    Bonding Behaviour of Grouting Systems and Bending Behaviour of Post-Tensioned Glulam Beams with and without Bonding - M Muster, T Ehrhart, M Althaus, H-U Küng , P Rogenmoser, K Rahner, A Gnägi, A Frangi


Laminated Members


12 - 1                 A Design Model for Out of Plane Bending of CLT with Consideration of Properties of Lamellas and Finger Joints - A Olsson, T K Bader

12 - 2              Bending Properties out-of-Plane of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT): Test Experience, Model Refinement and Validation - R Brandner, A Ringhofer, Raimund Sieder, Gerhard Schickhofer

12 - 3                 Punching-shear Strength of Point-Supported CLT Panels - H Ganjali, T Tannert, Md Shahnewaz, C Dickof, C Slotboom, M Popovski

12 - 4                 Glulam and LVL Members with Holes – Elevated Shear Stresses at Corners and Condensation of Multiple Close Holes - S Aicher, S Siby, C Tapia-Camu

12 - 5                 Dynamic Strength Increase of Glued Laminated Timber Beams Subjected to Impact Loading - A S Cao, A Frangi

12 - 6                 Lateral Torsional Buckling of Glulam Beams - J Töpler, U Kuhlmann

12 - 7                 Improvement of Design Rules in EC5 for Tapered Beams - A Matter of Mechanical Consistency and Competitiveness - G Hochreiner




Part 2

Duration of Loads

9 - 1                    Reliability-Based Investigation on the Duration of Load Effect in Timber Structures Under Wind Loads - X Zheng, C Zhang, F Lam

Environmental Conditions

11 - 1                 Moisture Safety during the Construction Phase for Mass Timber - L Bienert, A Fröhlich, P Aondio

Structural Stability

15 - 1                 Design Implications for CLT Shearwalls with Openings - D Casagrande, G Doudak, R Fanti, A Polastri

15 - 2                 Evaluation of High-Strength Wood Structural Panel Shear Walls - B Yeh, J Chen, Chun Ni, T Skaggs

15 - 3                 Lateral Performance of a New Type of Midply Shear Wall - A Kari, L Xiang, F Lam, B Yeh, J Chen, T Skaggs

15 - 4                 On the Cyclic Performance of Novel Shear-Wall Systems Made of Glulam, LVL and GLVL - G D’Arenzo, W Seim

15 - 5                 A new method for designing multi-storey segmented CLT walls - A Smith, S Edvardsen, A Lawrence, R Tomasi

15 - 6                 Cyclic performance of balloon-type CLT shear walls with high-capacity hold-downs - K Krauss, B Moerman, T Wright, Minghao Li, F Lam

15 - 7                 Enhanced Seismic Performance of Resilient Timber Wall Structures with Innovative Low Damage Floor Connections - S Assadi, A Hashemi, P Quenneville


16 - 1                 Eurocode 5 Revision – Fire Design of Timber Structures - A Frangi, A Just, J Hakkarainen, J Schmid, N Werther

16 - 2                 Clay and Lime Plaster as Fire Protection for Timber Structures - J Liblik, A Just

Glued Joints

18 - 1                 Effect of Fibre Orientation on the Bond Properties of Softwood and Hardwood Interfaces - X Li, M Ashraf, B Kafle, M Subhani


20 - 1                 Comparison of Vibration and Flexural Performance of Cross-Laminated Timber Rib Panels with Several Configurations - E Tuhkanen, A Just

Test Methods

21 - 1                 Evaluation of Test Methods for CLT Shear Stiffness at Out-of-plane Loading - E Serrano, H Danielsson


22 - 1                 Experimental and Numerical Analyses of Full-Span and Component Level Subassemblies for Robust Design of CLT Floors - A Przystup, T Reynolds, T Tannert

Strucural Design Codes

102 - 1               Finite Element Based Design of Timber Structures - J Töpler, M Schweigler, R Lemaître, P Palma, M Schenk, P Grönquist, C Tapia, U Kuhlmann