List of Papers


List of INTER Papers, Bath 2014, United Kingdom

The papers of the  meeting will be available for the participants of the meeting on this server. They are produced in a PDF (Portable Document Format) Format which can be read e.g. by ACROBAT Reader. These files can be downloaded by clicking on the title. The Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your system to be able to view or print a PDF document. The Acrobat Reader may already be part of your Web browser. If not, it is available for downloading at no cost from Adobe at Please make sure that you have the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Please send me a short message (E-Mail) if you have problems in reading and printing the papers.

The following list contains the papers that are intended to be presented at the meeting. As soon as the papers arrive they are available for downloading.

Here is a zip file containing all papers

During our meeting we will have a 2 hours session called “Notes”. Within this session a presentation of 8 to 10 “Notes” should be possible so a time limit of 10 minutes is strictly required. It is intended to include these notes in the proceedings so they should not exceed three pages. Authors should bring copies of their notes for distribution at the beginning of the meeting. Alternatively you can send the note (E-Mail) at least two weeks before the meeting and they will also be available for downloading.


Participants of the meeting receive the access code for downloading the papers after registration






Critical discussion on properties of beech LVL - C Sandhaas, M Frese

Withdrawal strength dependency on timber conditioning - J Munch-Andersen

Execution of Timber Structures - K Nore, T Toratti, J Munch-Andersen, J Schmid and A Just



47 - 5 - 1

Strength Grading of Split Glulam Beams - J Viguier, J-F Boquet, J Dopeux, L Bléron, F Dubois, S Aubert

47 - 6 - 1

Compression Strength and Stiffness Perpendicular to the Grain – Influences of the Material Properties, the Loading Situation and the Gauge Length - C Le Levé, R Maderebner, M Flach

47 - 7 - 1

Discussion of Testing and Evaluation Methods for the Embedment Behaviour of Connections - S Franke, N Magnière

47 - 7 - 2

Dowel-type Connections in LVL Made of Beech Wood - P Kobel, A Frangi, R Steiger

47 - 7 - 3

Resistance of Connections in Cross-Laminated Timber Under Brittle Block Tear-Out Failure Mode - P Zarnani, P Quenneville

47 - 7 - 4

Study on the Rope-effect on the Load-carrying Capacity of Nailed Connections - S Svensson, J Munch-Andersen

47 - 7 - 5

Design Model for Inclined Screws Under Varying Load to Grain Angles - R Jockwer, R Steiger, A Frangi

47 - 12 - 1

Calculation of Cylindrical Shells from Wood or Wood Based Products and Consideration of the Stress Relaxation - P Aondio, S Winter, H Kreuzinger, J-W van de Kuilen

47 - 12 - 2

Hybrid Glulam Beams Made of Beech LVL and Spruce Laminations - M Frese

47 - 12 - 3

Design for the Spreading under a Compressive Stress in Glued Laminated Timber - D Lathuilliere, L Bléron, J-F Bocquet, F Varacca, F Dubois

47 - 12 - 4

Design of CLT Beams with Rectangular Holes or Notches - M Flaig

47 - 12 - 5

Properties of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) in Compression Perpendicular to Grain - R Brandner, G Schickhofer

47 - 15 - 1

Advanced Modelling of Timber-framed Wall Elements for Application in Engineering Practice - T Vogt, W Seim

47 - 15 - 2

A Buckling Design Approach for ‘Blockhaus’ Timber Walls Under In-plane Vertical Loads - C Bedon, M Fragiacomo, C Amadio, A Battisti

47 - 15 - 3

Capacity Design Approach for Multi-storey Timber-frame Buildings - D Casagrande, T Sartori, R Tomasi

47 - 15 - 4

Design Models for CLT Shearwalls and Assemblies Based on Connection Properties - I Gavric, M Popovski

47 - 15 - 5

Effects of Design Criteria on an Experimentally-based Evaluation of the Behaviour Factor of Novel Massive Wooden Shear Walls - L Pozza, R Scotta,  D Trutalli, A Polastri, A Ceccotti

47 - 15 - 6

An Elastoplastic Solution for Earthquake Resistant Rigid Timber Shear Walls - Wei Yuen Loo, P Quenneville, Nawawi Chouw

47 - 15 - 7

In-Plane Racking Tests of Continuous Sheathed Wood Structural Panel Wall Bracing - T Skaggs, E Keith, Borjen Yeh, P Line, N Waltz

47 - 15 - 9

Design of Floor Diaphragms in Multi-Storey Timber Buildings - D Moroder, T Smith, S Pampanin, A Palermo, A H Buchanan

47 - 16 - 1

A Comparison of Fire Behaviour of Six Non-fire-retardant
Wood Coatings to Untreated Wood - J Kögl, W Beikircher, M Flach, R Lackner

47 - 16 - 2

Fire Design of Glued-laminated Timber Beams with Regard to the Adhesive Performance Using the Reduced Cross-Section Method - M Klippel, J Schmid, A Frangi