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Call for Abstracts


You are invited to attend the 6th meeting of INTER to be held in Tacoma, WA, USA from Monday 26 August to Thursday 29 August 2019. Further information regarding registration, accommodation and local information will be available on our INTER-homepage. Please note that all further information (incl. registration) is only provided via this homepage.

If you intend to present a paper during the meeting, please send an abstract (two pages) as soon as possible but not later than 28 February 2019 by E-mail to Rainer.Goerlacher∂partner.kit.edu. Please consider the criteria for acceptance listed below.

The acceptance of abstracts will be administered by a review team. In order to find a review team, the procedure will be as follows:

  • The titles of all incoming abstracts are published on our homepage (end of February).
  • Experts may apply for the review team by sending an E-mail to Rainer.Goerlacher∂partner.kit.edu. They should indicate which topics (two or three) they want to review. It is important that reviewers have a broad knowledge covering these topics proven by a number of own papers within these topics.
  • The chairman appoints the reviewers and they will receive a password for downloading the abstracts. Please note that the reviewing should be performed within four weeks.
  • The criteria for the acceptance are:
    • State of the art, literature (complete?)
    • Originality
    • (Assumed) content
    • Relation to standards or codes
  • Each criterion is judged from 0 (bad) to 5 (very good) and this will lead to an over all grade.
  • All papers will be ranked and a threshold matched to the time schedule of the meeting is chosen.


If we only receive a small number of abstracts fitting without any difficulty in the time table of the meeting, we will most probably accept all abstracts and a review process will not be necessary.


Important: The receipt of the abstracts will be confirmed. If you do not receive a confirmation within a few days, your abstract has not arrived. In this case please send it again or try to contact me.

Finalised papers must have arrived in Karlsruhe before 22 July 2019. Papers arriving after that date will not be accepted for this meeting.

Technical papers for the presentation at the meeting will be available prior to the meeting on our server to all members attending.