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List of INTER Papers, Tallinn 2018, Estonia



The papers of the  meeting will be available for the participants of the meeting on this server. They are produced in a PDF (Portable Document Format) Format which can be read e.g. by ACROBAT Reader. These files can be downloaded by clicking on the title. The Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your system to be able to view or print a PDF document. The Acrobat Reader may already be part of your Web browser. If not, it is available for downloading at no cost from Adobe at http://www.adobe.com/downloads/ Please make sure that you have the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Please send me a short message (E-Mail) if you have problems in reading and printing the papers.

The following list contains the papers that are intended to be presented at the meeting. As soon as the papers arrive they are available for downloading.


During our meeting we will have a 2 hours session called “Notes”. Within this session a presentation of 8 to 10 “Notes” should be possible so a time limit of 10 minutes is strictly required. It is intended to include these notes in the proceedings so they should not exceed three pages (see: guidelines for the authors)


Participants of the meeting receive the access code for downloading the papers after registration

Here is a zip file containing all papers


51 - 6 - 1         Modelling the Variation of Mechanical Properties along Oak Boards - C Tapia, S Aicher

51 - 7 - 1          Deviations between Planned and Actual Position of Wood Screws - Consequences for their Spacing - M Frese, M Jordan

51 - 7 - 2          Analytical Method to Derive Overstrength of Dowel-Type Connections - L-M Ottenhaus, Minghao Li, T Smith

51 - 7 - 3           Pinching-free Timber Connection - P Quenneville, N Chan, P Zarnani

51 - 7 - 4          In-plane Shear Connection for CLT Diaphragms - T Schmidt, H J Blaß

51 - 7 - 5          Seismic Response of Connections with Glued-in Steel Rods - J Ogrizovic, R Jockwer, A Frangi

51 - 7 - 6          Cyclic Performance of a Full-scale Timber Column Equipped with Resilient Slip Friction Joints - A Valadbeigi, P Zarnani, P Quenneville

51 - 7 - 7          Load-Deformation Behaviour and Stiffness of Lateral Connections with Multiple Dowel Type Fasteners - R Jockwer, A Jorissen

51 - 7 - 8          Design Parameters of Notched Connections for TCC Structures as Part of Eurocode 5 - U Kuhlmann, S Mönch

51 - 7 - 9          Bond Performance of Glued-in CFRP and GFRP Rods in Timber - E Toumpanaki, M H Ramage

51 - 7 - 10        Multiple Shear Plane Timber Connections with Slotted-in Steel Plates and Dowel-type Fasteners: a Study of the Brittle Failure Mode in the Parallel-to-grain Direction - M Yurrita, J M Cabrero, P Quenneville

51 - 7 - 11        Group‐Effect of Self‐Tapping Screws in CLT Shear Connections - A Hossain, M Popovski, T Tannert

51 - 7 - 12        Performance of the Different Models for Brittle Failure in the Parallel-to-Grain Direction for Connections with Dowel-Type Fasteners - J M Cabreroa, M Yurritaa

51 - 7 - 13        Beam-on-Foundation (BOF) Modelling as an Alternative Design Method for Timber Joints with Dowel-Type Fasteners – Part 1: Strength and Stiffness per Shear Plane of Single-Fastener Joints - R Lemaître, J-F Bocquet, M Schweigler, T K Bader

51 - 10 - 1        Formulaic Design Methods for TCC Floors - A Smith, J Schänzlin, M Piazza, A Lawrence. O Bell

51 - 11 - 1        Adaptation of Eurocode 5 Standard to French Hardwoods - Proposal of New Hygroscopic Equilibrium Charts - M Varinier, N Sauvat, C Montero, F Dubois, J Gril

51 - 12 -1         CLT under In-Plane Loads: Investigation on Stress Distribution and Creep - M Gräfe, P Dietsch, S Winter

51 - 12 - 2        Tensile and Compression Strength of Small Cross Section Beech (Fagus s.) Glulam Members - M Westermayr, P Stapel, J W G van de Kuilen

51 - 12 - 3        Behaviour of Glulam and LVL Beams Loaded Perpendicular to the Grain - L Windeck, H J Blaß

51 - 12 - 4        Mechanical Properties of European Beech Glued Laminated Timber - T Ehrhart, R Steiger, P Palma, A Frangi

51 - 12 - 5        Cross Laminated Timber at in-plane Beam Loading – New Analytical Model Predictions and Relation to EC5 - M Jeleč, H Danielsson, E Serrano, V Rajčić

51 - 15 - 1        Seismic Resilient CLT buildings Using Resilient Slip Friction Joints (RSFJs) with Collapse Prevention Mechanism: Ductility, Design Methods and Numerical Validation - A Hashemi, P Zarnani, P Quenneville

51 - 16 - 1        An Improved Design Model for Fire Exposed Cross Laminated Timber Floors - J Schmid, M Klippel, R Fahrni, A Frangi, N Werther, A Just,

51 - 18 - 1        Press Glued Connections - Research Results for discussion and standardization - S Franke, M Schiere, B Franke

51 - 20 - 1        A New Design Method for Timber Floors – Peak Acceleration Approach - Wen-Shao Chang, T Goldsmith, R Harris

51 - 20 - 2        Development of a floor vibration design method for Eurocode 5 - I K Abeysekera, P Hamm, T Toratti, A Lawrence



For discussion: Revision of EN 408 – visions for a state of the art standard