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List of INTER Papers, Kyoto 2017, Japan


The papers of the  meeting will be available for the participants of the meeting on this server. They are produced in a PDF (Portable Document Format) Format which can be read e.g. by ACROBAT Reader. These files can be downloaded by clicking on the title. The Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your system to be able to view or print a PDF document. The Acrobat Reader may already be part of your Web browser. If not, it is available for downloading at no cost from Adobe at http://www.adobe.com/downloads/ Please make sure that you have the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please send me a short message (E-Mail) if you have problems in reading and printing the papers.

The following list contains the papers that are intended to be presented at the meeting. As soon as the papers arrive they are available for downloading.

During our meeting we will have a 2 hours session called “Notes”. Within this session a presentation of 8 to 10 “Notes” should be possible so a time limit of 10 minutes is strictly required. It is intended to include these notes in the proceedings so they should not exceed three pages (see: guidelines for the authors)

Participants of the meeting receive the access code for downloading the papers after registration

Here is a zip file containing all papers


50 - 5 - 1          Assignment of Timber to Bending and Tension Strength Classes - Effects of Calculation Procedures - P Stapel, A Kovryga, J W G van de Kuilen

50 - 6 - 1          Shear Strength Values for Soft- and Hardwoods - J W G van de Kuilen, W Gard, G Ravenshorst, V Antonelli, A Kovryga

50 - 7 - 1          Steel-to-Timber Connections: Failure of Laterally Loaded Dowel-Type Fasten-ers - H J Blass, C Sandhaas, N Meyer

50 - 7 - 2          The Embedment Strength as a System Property - M Yurrita, J M Cabrero

50 - 7 - 3          Nailed joints: Investigation on Parameters for Johansen Model - C Sandhaas, R Görlacher

50 - 7 - 4          Cyclic Bending Fatigue Properties of Dowel Type Fasteners - K Kobayashi, M Yasumura

50 - 9 - 1          Design Equations to Predict Losses in Post-Tensioned Timber Frames - G Granello, C Leyder, A Palermo, A Frangi, S Pampanin

50 - 10 - 1        Glued Thin-webbed Beams - Amendments to EC 5 for Safe ULS Design - S Aicher, C Stritzke

50 - 12 - 1        In-Grade Evaluation of U.S. Glulam Beams, End Joints, and Tension Lamina-tions - B Yeh, J Chen, T Skaggs

50 - 12 - 2        In‐plane Loaded CLT Beams – Tests and Analysis of Element Lay‐up - H Danielsson, E Serrano, M Jelec, V Rajcic

50 - 12 - 3        Experimental Investigation on the Mechanical Behavior of Glued Laminated Beams Made from Oak - C Faye, G Legrand, D Reuling, J-D Lanvin

50 - 12 - 4        Effective Flange Width of a CLT Slab in Timber Composite Beams - R Masoudnia, A Hashemi, P Quenneville

50 - 12 - 5        Improved Design Equations for the Resultant Tensile Forces in Glulam Beams with Holes - C Tapia, S Aicher

50 - 12 - 6        Round Holes in Glulam Beams Arranged Eccentrically or in Groups - M Danzer, P Dietsch, S Winter

50 - 12 - 7        Two-way Spanning CLT-Concrete-Composite-Slab - S Loebus, P Dietsch, S Winter 

50 - 15 - 1        Shake Table Tests on Large-Scale Hybrid Steel Frame and Timber Shear Wall System with Slotted-Bolted Friction Dampers - Hanlin Dong, Zheng Li, Qi Luo, Minjuan He

50 - 15 - 2        Dissipative Connections for CLT Shear Walls - T Schmidt, H Blass

50 - 15 - 3        Required Seismic Performance of CLT Panel Buildings from Japanese Standard - T Miyake, M Yasumura, N Kawai, H Isoda, M Koshihara, T Tsuchimoto, Y Araki, T Nakagawa

50 - 15 - 4        Shaking Table Tests for Verification of Seismic Design of CLT Panel Buildings - H Isoda, N Kawai, T Miyake, M Yasumura, M Koshihara, T Tsuchimoto, Y Araki, T Nakagawa

50 - 15 - 5        Capacity Design of CLT Structures with Traditional or Innovative Seismic-Resistant Brackets - R Scotta; D Trutalli; L Marchi, L Pozza, A Ceccotti

50 - 15 - 6        Post-Tensioned CLT Wall Systems with Multiple Rocking Segments - D Sanscartier Pilon, A Salenikovich, A Palermo, F Sarti

50 - 16 - 1        Design Parameters for Timber Members Protected by Clay Plaster at Elevated Temperatures - J Liblik, A Just

50 - 16 - 2        Parametric Fire Design – Zero-Strength-Layers and Charring Rates - D Brandon, A Just, D Lange, M Tiso

50 - 16 - 3        Zero Strength Layers for Timber Frame Assemblies in a Standard Fire - M Tiso, A Just, D Brandon

50 - 16 - 4        Improved Fire Resistance of Connected Nail-Plate Trusses - G Glasø, K Nore, A Sagen

50 - 16 - 5        Protection by Fire Rated Claddings in the Component Additive Method - K N Mäger, A Just, A Frangi, D Brandon

50 - 17 - 1        Reliability of Large Glulam Members - Part 2: Data for the Assessment of Partial Safety Factors for the Tensile Strength - M Frese, S Egner, H J Blaß



Note 1:   An improved design model for fire exposed Cross Laminated Timber - J Schmid, M Klippel, A Frangi, A Just, M Tiso